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Pedodontics is the branch of stomatology dealing with the specific treatment of temporary teeth (milk teeth) and permanent teeth (just erupted)

Why take the children to the dentist?
Problems leading to the affection of your child’s teeth must be anticipated, in order to make the intervention possible in an appropriate time. Using modern methods the dentist observes the condition of your child’s dental condition, determining the way of development of each tooth.

Pedodontics doctor (Paediatric) follows the evolution of growth for our children’s teeth regularly in order to prevent dental conditions related to cavities, but also follows other dental conditions related to both teeth growth and tooth development.

It is considered normal for the upper or lower teeth to erupt next to the milk teeth, but the stomatological control is essential and should not be neglected, especially when  dental extractions might be required. The milk teeth shall be extracted only by the specialist dentist, in order to avoid affecting their alignment.

The Pedodontics doctordoes more than just having the tooth filled, as he can help children prevent tooth decay or trauma. He can help you avoid or reduce the severity of future orthodontic problems treated by the orthodontist.

Pedodontics also includes prophylactic treatments (fluoridation, sealing, etc.), as preventing the cavities is just as important as treating them and the occurrence of disorders in the development and eruption of permanent teeth caused by various diseases of milk teeth can thus be avoided.  He can help your child show a beautiful bright smile, without having tooth decay.

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