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Dental Prosthetics


Dental Prosthetics deals with the restoration of dento-maxillary functions by using fixed prosthesis (crowns, fixed dental bridges) or mobile prosthesis (skeletal prostheses, over denture, classic acrylic dentures).

The final purpose is to restore or to offer the patients their functional, aesthetical and psychological balance.

A minimally invasive option represents restoring or improving  the shape of the frontal teeth, using porcelain. They cover only the external tooth and are fixed with last generation cements, matching the tooth colour exactly, for the purpose of a maximum aesthetic effect.In the situation of missing teeth, prosthetic works are performed (dental bridges) or reconstruction using crowns on the implant.

When is the Dental Prosthetics necessary?
When the tooth decaydestroyed a significant part of tooth, this can not be restored through a simple obturation (“dental filling”). The outstanding walls are too thin in order to face the pressure exerted over the tooth when we eat, and they may fracture. For this reason we require the healthy walls protection by covering them with a dental crown.If the tooth can not be saved and it is extracted, the missing gap can be filled either by a prosthetic work (dental bridge), or by the help of a dental implant. Dental crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic works (cemented). If the patient loses a significant number of teeth, a dental prosthesis is manufactured that must be removed daily for cleaning (mobile prosthetic work).

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