Clinica Shalbaf – clinica stomatologica Bucuresti

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy:

– We ensure to achieve the optimal oro-dental health for each patient.
– We offer a relaxing, cheerful and pleasant environment for our patients to have an enjoyable experience.
– We are keeping pace with the new technologies and we are continuously improving our services.
– We provide the highest level of care and comfort to our patients, thus increasing their quality of life.

Our promise to you:

– We will listen to you in order to understand and solve the dental related problems according to your needs;
– We will provide you the highest quality stomatological treatment possible, using modern technologies and the newest materials in this field;
– We will discuss all prices with you before each treatment;
– We know you do not wish to be kept waiting, so we will do our best to consult you on time.

Your promise to us:

– To come on time for your appointments and, if required to reschedule, please let us know at least 24 hours before the appointment;
– To be concerned of your oral health by taking care of it at home and by having regular check-ups at the dentist, according to his advice.
– To inform us of any complaint, so that we could act according to your demands.

Your recommendation to other patients would be our greatest satisfaction.