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Cosmetic dentistry


In order to have beautiful teeth and a charming smile, people make more use of Cosmetic dentistry nowadays.

While traditional stomatologyfocuses on oral hygiene and on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions, Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, mouth and smile.

The greatest challenge of contemporary stomatology is represented by the restoring of the dental structures using fully biocompatible and sufficiently strong materials in order to resist the mastication force (220-450kg force).

Replacing the existing ‚Äúdental fillings”?

The Cosmetic dentistry offers many reparatory advantages. For example, white Photo polymerizable dental fillings represent a regular procedure utilised for the treatment of tooth decay.

Most of the dental fillings were before made of gold, a blend of silver and other materials, leaving visible, dark stains on the teeth. Nowadays, the dental fillings may be included in the Cosmetic dentistry category, as you may choose dental fillings made of porcelain (incrustations) or composite materials that match your teeth colour exactly, thus preserving the natural appearance of your teeth and smile. Many people replace their older dental fillings with new ones matching the colour of their teeth, in order to improve their tooth appearance.

Metal – free smile

When talking about oral health, we refer to a healthy, but in the same time beautiful denture. People who smile and laugh a lot are healthy people, who are not inhibited by bad and decayed teeth. They can interact and relate with their peers in a natural manner.

The professional ascension is very often different for those people with a beautiful denture. The stomatological branch concerned with the denture appearance is called the Cosmetic dentistry and it includes complex dentistry manual labour, having as purpose the achievement of a brilliant smile, in accordance with the other facial aesthetics elements.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

  • Crowns and bridges made of full ceramics (metal free porcelain) or zirconium;
  • Composite and porcelain dental veneers;
  • The fully ceramic or zirconium incrustations;
  • Obturations (fillings) matching the teeth colour;
  • Non-invasive teeth whitening;
  • Dental implants made of din titanium and zirconium.

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