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The dental implant is a metallic piece, most often a screw, which is placed into the jaw bone or on the mandible.

What is the dental implant?
The dental implantrepresents an artificial replacement of the dental root and it is utilised in the prosthetic stomatology for the purpose of sustaining restorations, similar to a tooth or group of teeth.

A dental implant itself is a device generally made of high purity Titanium (grade IV and V), which replaces the natural root of the tooth. Titanium is the most widely used material in Implantology, being a biocompatible material allowing the biological integration in the bone tissue through the process of osteointegration.

Any patient in a good health condition, with no severe diseases and with a very good oral hygiene may benefit from dental implants, regardless of age.

Stages of treatment
At the first appointment your dentist, will perform a thorough consultation and anamnesis, a radio diagnostic and will offer you a treatment plan.The implant insertion will follow at one of the following appointments, being a painless and atraumatic intervention for the patient.In the event that the insertion intervention has required the use of suture wires, they will be removed seven days after the intervention.The osteointegration period follows, and after this interval we proceed to filling the implants using fixed prosthetic works or movable superstructures.

Reasons for choosing an implant
Choosing implants as a treatment for teeth restoration:

  • For replacing one or more unrecoverable teeth or their absence;
  • For preventing bone resorption;
  • For providing a stable support for crowns and bridges;
  • For enhancing the support and stability of the prosthesis;
  • For increasing the masticatory efficiency;
  • For speaking and smiling without any inhibition;
  • For improving the general health condition and the degree of psychological comfort;
  • For improving the aesthetic appearance and regaining self confidence.

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