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Endodontic therapy


Endodontics deals with the complete and complex treatment of affections occurred at the level of the radicular channels….

What is Endodontics?
Endodontics,as a specialty of dental medicine is the branch dealing with the treatment and healing of the dental pulp affections, meaning the nerves and ligaments supporting it from the top of the tooth root.Patients who have already visited a dental clinic know the fact that the dental nerve itself is the one generating pain, as it has been ignored and not checked by the dentist.  That is why we need a stomatologist practicing endodontics (therapy of the radicular canal) in order to perform the treatment.

Root canal therapy consists in the removal of the nervous vascular tissue (of the “nerve”) from the root canals, followed by the cleaning, the enlargement and the sterilization of these canals and then by their obturation. The canal obturation is the last stage of the endodontic treatment and represents sealing the roots with particular materials in order to prevent infection. The duration of the treatment depends on the previous condition of the nerve (inflammation, infection), but also on the difficulty degree of the intervention. In other words, this can be completed in one or more sessions, depending on the particularities of that case.

Before the endodontic therapy
Root canal therapy is performed under local anaesthetics. There are no restrictions in terms of driving or returning to work after having the procedure. Please follow all medical prescriptions for blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems and any other conditions, as recommended by your physicians. For any questions please contact the clinic by telephone before booking an appointment.

A consultation,along with the dental radiography of the problematic tooth performed on time, will help preserving the tooth health on a long term. Your dentist will help you understand the importance of a better care for your oral health.If your dentist decides to apply the root canal therapy after the stomatological consultation, then do not worry. You can take it as good news. Why? Because your tooth will still be saved.

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